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Posted by Dina-Marie Oswald on

Today’s Daily Life Planner free printables page is the budget sheet. I have found that writing down all my expenses lets me know where our money is going. This makes it much easier to control spending. Budget sheets and keeping a written budget are the key! You can find the rest of the Daily Life Planner free printables here.

Remember I said that I am a pen and paper girl? I have found that keeping a budget book with a 2 page budget sheet works for me. Oh, I have tried other methods and even did for a couple of months but always go back to my pen and paper!

Once the budget sheets are printed, place them in your Daily Life Planner with the two pages facing each other. If you have never done a budget before, I recommend writing down everything you spend for a couple of months – even the smallest expense gets written down! This lets you see exactly where you are spending money.

Once you know where the money is going, you can decide if that is where you want it to go or not! If you are like most of us, you will be surprised that spending in certain areas is more than you thought!


1. Budgeting for a month is a matter of writing down your total take home income in the top left.

2. Next, write down all your expenses : ongoing (standard) expenses like mortgage, utilities, phone, savings, as well as, inconsistent expenses like insurance, HOA fees… and finally, food, gas, entertainment and any other expenses…

3. When you subtract your expenses from your income, the amount should equal zero. If you are under or over, go back and try again.

So, at the beginning of each month, I write beside each category on the “Budgeted” line the amount I have budgeted for that category. As I spend throughout the month, I write it down and subtract it from my total budgeted. Once I reach zero – that’s it!

It can take a couple of months of adjusting your budget to get the hang of it but it really does work and every dollar should have a name! By doing this type of budgeting, you are taking control of the money God had blessed you with and are now telling it where to go rather than just wondering where it went! For more information see How to Budget Using Zero Base Budgeting.

Since we are all different and have different needs, here is the two page spread I use that you can fill in the expense categories for your needs.

Just to give you an idea, the categories that I write across the top of each section (in the red boxes) are Standard (expenses that re-occur each month like utilities, phone, netflix…), Food, Gas, Clothing, Cleaning/Personal, Miscellaneous, Pets, and Medical. This does leave some columns empty for future additions.

I have also included a blank one that you might find more helpful to fill in if you have different categories. You can download it HERE.

.Using cash for certain categories like food, clothing, personal/cleaning, misc., and pets has also helped me save 20% each month.


These printables are intended for personal use only and not for resale. Please do not alter or sell them without my personal written consent.