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Posted by Dina-Marie Oswald on

The Gift List page for the Daily Life Planner free printables set has been a lifesaver for me! Now, I don’t forget what I bought and buy something else – I have a written record. You can find the rest of the Daily Life Planner free printables here.

With a large family, birthday presents and Christmas gifts can be a challenge to keep up with. Especially since I shop sales and buy gifts ahead – sometimes months ahead! It can be very easy to forget what I have bought. But, no more!

Having a gift list with birthdays listed and listing each person for Christmas presents, I now have an organized inventory of gifts.

Oh, they are all still hidden in my closet – shhh, don’t tell! But now, I know what I have!

On the gift list are 5 columns: Recipient, Occasion, Date, Gift and Price. It helps me with our budget to know how much I have spent on gifts. Buying gifts on sale often means the recipient gets more than they would have if I didn’t buy on sale. The downfall is keeping it all organized to know what I have purchased – but no more!

Using the gift list also helps me think ahead. When I find a sale, I can quickly look through the list and see what event I want to buy for and who could possibly use something I find.

Does having a gift list restrain my giving? Not at all! In fact, I have more freedom because I find security in a plan that minimizes waste and makes the most of our resources. I don’t buy gifts, hide them and forget them anymore!


Please do not alter or sell the Daily Life Planner free printables pages without my personal written consent. They are intended for personal use only and not for resale.