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Posted by Dina-Marie Oswald on

How often does someone come to mind and you wonder how they are or what they are doing? The free printable Thinking of You cards will let you quickly send a note of encouragement to that person!

Hebrews 3:13 tells us to encourage one another day after day. What better way to do that than by sending a note letting them know you are thinking of them?

Have you heard of the 10 second rule? I’m not talking about the length of time food stays on the floor before you can pick it up and eat it. That is one version of the rule – after 10 seconds there are too many germs on it to be safely eaten!

But, another version that I am talking about is that when God brings someone to your mind, within 10 seconds, pray for them. Pray for where they are in their walk, what is going on with them…

Next, take a few moments to print the free printable Thinking of You cards and send them one. Better yet, print several to have on hand and be ready!

For you convenience, all the designs are on one pdf (the link is at the bottom) so you can choose which page or pages to print. I like to print my cards on a slightly heavier paper. Card stock works great and is inexpensive when bought in bulk! Plus, when you buy it in bulk, you have NO reason NOT to send cards!

What about envelopes? I like to use these invitation envelopes for cards. I like to keep a box of envelopes on hand so I am always prepared to send a card!

There are 6 designs in the free printable Thinking of You cards set:

A teal with diamonds. After all, we are all diamonds in the rough!

Free Printable Thinking of You Card - Teal Diamonds 
A purple one.

Free Printable THinking of You Card - Purple

I love the colorful heart!

Free Printable Thinking of You Card - Heart

A teal with dotted border.

Free Printable Thinking of You Card - Polka Dots Green Border

A blue with polka dots.

Free Printable Thinking of You Card - Gray Polka Dots

And finally a wispy flower.

Free Printable Thinking of You Card - Flower

To use these cards, choose one or all of the pages located in the download link (at the bottom) to print. The page will look like the following picture. Once printed, cut the page in half between the pictures. Fold each half again to form a card. It is just that easy! Now, add a note and you are done!
Thinking of You Page



These free printables are intended for personal use only and not for resale. Please do not alter or sell them without my personal written consent.

Free Printable thinking of you cards