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Posted by Dina-Marie Oswald on

I have found that healthy homemade snacks are a must have!

Having children at home, it seems as if someone is always wanting something to eat!

Oh, they eat very well at meals but, I think because we work outside so much in the hot weather, they are always hungry! I just can not seem to keep them full. Or, maybe it is because there are several teenage boys. But, then again, we have 2 girls still at home – one a teenager and one not.

Anyway, I guess the reason really doesn’t matter. The fact is, I am always in need of healthy snacks! In fact, we will often have a light supper since we have our main meal at midday and I will even use some of the following suggestions as a suppertime meal.



The following list contains links to products from my affiliate partners that I personally use and recommend.


Made from our raw milk, homemade yogurt or kefir is the base for my yogurt smoothies or kefir smoothies. These are not only a healthy snack but a cultured healthy snack. Unlike the store-bought yogurt which is filled with sugar, the homemade version is filled with beneficial bacteria. The beneficial bacteria in cultured foods help feed the good bacteria in your gut and aid in digestion. Using my blender, I add to the yogurt or kefir, fruit (banana, strawberries …) and sweeten it with honey. Smoothies are especially good in the summertime!

I also make almost every morning, yogurt popsicles. I take these to the vineyard about 4pm and we have a refreshing snack. After working in the hot afternoon sun, everyone is hot and tired and they are a real pick-me-up. Yogurt popsicles and kefir popsicles are both easy and delicious!

You can even put yogurt into a small container and add fruit, honey and some nuts for a super quick snack. Simply add all the ingredients in layers in a small container and refrigerate until ready to serve.

To make kefir, you need milk kefir grains which are used over and over. To purchase kefir grains, I recommend  looking at the amazon page linked to – I have tried the ones listed and all have been good.


Another cultured food snack is easily made with cheese. We make our own cheeses using the raw milk Buttercup provides. This is often a light evening meal for us! A super quick cheese to make yourself is Mozzarella. Because it can be made in about 30 minutes, we make a lot of it to use up milk! If you make sourdough crackers you are doubling the benefits with two cultured foods! Another cracker which is good with cheese and very easy to make is Homemade Wheat Thins .


Keeping cut up vegetables in the refrigerator is another easy snack idea. My children especially enjoy carrot sticks and several of them like celery sticks. Add some peanut butter as a dip and they all want it! For a cultured variation, try Fermented Carrots which is also simple to prepare and feeds those healthy gut bacteria!


I don’t think any of the children have ever turned down a snack of homemade bread and butter! For a cultured variation, try your hand at sourdough bread – I love the twang of it! I have tried catching my own wild yeast as described in Nourishing Traditions, but have been more successful with purchased starter. I purchase my sourdough starter here and have not been disappointed .

Don’t forget the butter! If you have never made your own homemade butter, I can’t tell you how easy it is and so light and fluffy – you are in for a treat!


This can be tricky because to be as nutritious as possible, the nuts should be soaked. I say tricky, because although it is easy, it does take a bit of preparation and time. You can see “How to Soak and Dehydrate Nuts” for more info on the how-to’s of it but basically, this process helps neutralize the phytic acid. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient which is in the bran of all grains and husks and shells of nuts and seeds.

Once soaked, the nuts are an easy snack filled with protein, minerals and fiber. For a special treat, homemade trail mix is always a crowd pleaser – for my crowd anyway!


This is a quick list of healthy homemade snacks that I like to keep on hand. How about you – what are your keep-on-hand snacks?

Leave a comment and share your homemade snack ideas!