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In 2008 we have made a major life change – moving from Alabama to the high plains of  Texas to start Oswald Vineyard. We planted 5 acres of grape vines in the Spring of 2008 and have continued expansion to 37 1/3 acres. We grow a French white variety, Roussanne, two Italian reds, Montepulciano and Aglianico, as well as, Petit Verdo, Muscato Giallo and Albarino.

Leaving the “secure” corporate world to begin a vineyard has been challenging to say the least! Funded by all our savings, cashing in our retirement fund, good hard work and even a paper route to make ends meet, the rewards have been endless. Working together as a family has built a good work ethic, as well as, great family relationships.


1. having or showing good education, tastes, and manner
2. artificially nurtured or grown: “cultured bacteria”

 Take a Closer Look at Definition #2!

In 2011, I was introduced to the GAPS diet as sort of a last ditch effort to combat rheumatoid arthritis. Surprisingly,  not only did my pain cease within a couple of weeks of beginning the diet, I was also able to begin eating meats after 30+ years as a vegetarian due to severe stomach issues.

The GAPS diet focuses on replacing the harmful, toxin producing bacteria in your gut with the CULTURED or probiotic bacteria that is beneficial to your gut! This CULTURED bacteria is often in the form of fermented foods or foods that have been inoculated with beneficial bacteria that is nurtured and grown like yogurt, kefir and sourdough breads!

The GAPS diet was my introduction into traditional food preparation which continues to dictate my philosophy in cooking. After doing GAPS as a family, everyone has transitioned to a traditional diet – with occasional splurges and treats!

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