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Meal Planning on a Budget Bundle

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Meal Planning on a Budget  Bundle includes 73 pages of information and leads you step-by-step in making a meal plan that works for you!

After all, meal planning ONLY works IF YOU USE IT!

The steps I explain in Meal Planning on a Budget and the Recipe Cost Calculating Workbook are the steps I have taken and still use today to feed my family of 10 on less than $500 per month.

Meal Planning on a Budget (51 pages) covers topics such as:

  • Process of Meal Planning
  • Selecting Meals for the Plan
  • Putting the Plan into Action
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Shopping in Bulk
  • Shopping Sale
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Holiday Meals
  • And MUCH more!

Printables include:

  • Family Favorite Meals List
  • Family Favorite Meals List by categories
  • Freezer Inventory
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Recipes to Try
  • Shopping List
  • Grocery Expense Tracker
  • Price Book
  • Itemized Spending Tracker
  • Plus others to help determine recipe costs and record them

The Recipe Cost Calculating Workbook (22 pages) helps you take your meal planning on a budget a step further and know how much each recipe costs to serve.

You are given steps and even sample recipes in which you are given the information to calculate the cost. Then, you can check yourself with the answers that are given.

Printables include:

  • Recipe Price Calculator Worksheet
  • Recipe Price Record Sheet
  • Individual Ingredient Pricing Chart
  • Measurement Conversions.


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